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Frequent Asked Questions

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Go to the INVITRO page and click on the show you want to see..

What is Invitro?

Invitro is a theatre on demand platform: the shows, performed specially by cooperative theatres of the Lombardy region and available up until 31 March 2022.

How much does Invitro cost?

Each show costs 8€. The subscription to all the shows costs 30€.

Where can I watch Invitro?

In order to watch the Invitro shows, you need a broadband Internet connection that is suitable for multimedia streaming, a computer, a laptop, tablet or smartphone with a latest generation browser installed (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge). If you have a chromecast device, you can watch the video on your television.

What can I watch on INVITRO?

Seven theatre shows performed by cooperative theatres in Lombardy. Go to the page to see the INVITRO shows.

Can I buy a gift for someone else?

Yes, you may write at this e-mail and we’ll send you a GIFT – COUPON for the subscription to the season. You may pay by credit card or by bank transfer. We’ll give you all the instructions in private by e-mail.

Do I need to install an app on my tablet or smartphone?

No app is needed. Invitro is a web platform suitable for watching on any device with an Internet connection and a latest generation browser.

Can I install the app on my smartTV?

The INVITRO app is not currently available on any TV platform.

For how long is Invitro available?

All the shows are available for viewing up until 31 March 2022

Can I download the shows and watch them offline?

It is not currently possible to watch the shows offline.

How many times can I watch the Invitro shows?

Each show can be viewed a maximum of three times. For further information, consult the terms and conditions of service

How do I pay on Invitro?

You can purchase using a normal VISA, Mastercard and American Express credit card.
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